In the Mediterranean basin only a limited number of SMEs know the environmental & economic convenience introducing eco-innovation in their own lifecycle. Dairy products are part of the Mediterranean Diet, and all the proposed innovation of DAINME-SME is focused on sustainability, valorization of by-products and on reducing the environmental impact of dairy companies. This is quite important because almost all do not properly consider the benefits deriving from a better valorization of milk and whey on their business.

The aim of the project is to improve circular economy of the dairy SMEs, in the Mediterranean countries. This objective will be achieved through the introduction of innovative technologies, and the development of new valuable dairy products.


The proposal seeks the validation of new technologies and strategies to improve the dairy value chain, producing new products and promoting the use of traditional by-products into high value and nutritional products, with technologies that are scalable and reliable.

The partnership of the proposal covers the key players on the dairy chain, including technology providers and dairies that are already working in the whey valorization. Different National Food Federations will be in charge of the results diffusion.

All innovations and development are aimed to be more economical, compared with actual systems. Moreover, a consultant company specialized on agri-food studios, will ensure the economic viability of all new processes. Communication and marketing strategies will be leaded by SMEs associations (National Food Industry Associations).