Town: Barcelona - Spain

The Agri-food and Technology Research Institute (IRTA) is owned by the Government of Catalonia ascribed to the Department of Agriculture. Its general objectives are to promote research and technological development in the area of agri-food, to facilitate the transfer of scientific advances and to evaluate its own technological advances whilst seeking the utmost coordination and collaboration between the public and private sectors. The development of IRTA scientific activity is carried out in agreement with the European Charter for Researchers resulting in the seal of “Excellence in Human Resources” granted by the European Union (HRS4R).

Contact person: Elena Diaz Medina


Town: Toledo - Spain

The Goat Producers Union (UNIPROCA) was founded in 2010 and is a company under the form of a cooperative, which gathers more than 600 goat farmers widely spread in the middle south of Spain (Castilla la Mancha, Castilla Leon, Extremadura and Andalucía). The main activity of UNIPROCA is to deliver and sell their products (goat liquid milk and frozen cream) at both, national and international level. Recently, UNIPROCA has diversified its activity with projects such a spray dry tower to produce goat milk powder mainly focusing on infant formula producers as main end customers. The objective is to achieve greater benefits in the sale of its products with greater added value. Our main customers belong to different countries from Europe, Asia, USA and North Africa. In the oncoming next 3 years, the facilities of the milk powder factory will be expanded with a line for the manufacture of our own Infant formula based on goat milk powder with the “Europe“ trademark.

Contact person: Federico Morais


Town: Paris, Bordeaux – France; Rabat - Morocco

Apexagri is an international consultancy company based in France (Paris) and Morocco (Rabat), specialized in creating, developing and optimizing efficient and sustainable agri-food chains in Africa and the Middle East. It is the combination of two entities: the French cooperative Group Maisadour, which supports 8.000 farmers-members and operates crop productions, animal productions and gourmet products; the By.O Group consulting firm, which helps its clients strengthen their business ecosystems (relationships with partners, suppliers and customers). Apexagri delivers targeted solutions to investment funds, agro-industrials and national/international organizations in all chains of the agri-food industry, thanks to this complementary expertise: security of supply, optimization of agricultural systems, partnership settlement, business model design, etc.

Contact person: Anais Riffiod


Town: Arrona - Spain

EKONEK SL is a SME, which started in 2009 the development of two innovative drying processes: pulse combustion drying (converts pasty materials into powder) and spouted bed drying (converts pasty materials into spherical granules). EKONEK aim is to install processes based on those drying technologies, to convert agrifood sector by-products (mainly liquid/pasty materials) into new dried valuable products, for human food, animal feed or fertilizer sectors, depending on the raw material. Until now, EKONEK has mostly been involved in the scale up of the pulse combustion drying technology. It has a semi-industrial prototype of 70 kW, a small first industrial plant of 160 kW made in a fish meal factory near Bilbao, and a first big industrial plant of 1.000 kW made in an animal feed factory near Madrid that dries concentrated brewer yeast. EKONEK is building now two other 1.000 kW units for hydrolysed protein from abattoir wastes in Spain, for animal feed purposes.

Contact person: Aritz Lekuona


Town: Rome – Italy

SPES is a European Economic Interest Grouping known as “SPES GEIE”. The purpose of SPES is facilitating and developing the activities of its members relevant to the promotion and execution on a European Union level of studies and research concerning the safety and the quality of food as it travels along the food chain, as well as the utilization and disclosure of the relevant results. The Grouping is constituted to facilitate the participation of its members in activities to be carried out in the context of the EU Framework Programme (6th, 7th, Horizon 2020) such as actions for technological research, development and demonstration as well as promotion and dissemination of research results. Thus, the network covered by SPES is pan-european and also extends to non-members countries. Altogether, more than 34.000 companies can be contacted by this organization to disseminate the results of this project.

The third parties of SPES (National Food & Drink Federations) committed to the project, having distinct role and separate financial responsibility will be the following:

ANIA (France), contact person: François Gorga (
FEDERALIMENTARE (Italy), contact person: Giorgia Sabbatini (
FIAB (Spain), contact person: Concha Avila (
SETBIR (Turkey), contact person: Elif Yücel (
CCIS CAFÉ (Slovenia), contact person: Tatjana Zagorc (
FIPA (Portugal), contact person Pedro Queiroz (
SEVT (Greece): contact person Fotini Salta (

Contact person: Maurizio Notarfonso


Town: Cagliari – Italy

ALIMENTA is a private company specialized in production of dairy powders mainly from sheep and goat origin. More than just a company, a micro-industry. ALIMENTA takes the highest quality Sardinian sheep milk and whey and processes it to obtain powdered products, combining the unique natural properties with the benefit of a long shelf life and high solubility. The outcome is an integrated system capable of exploiting 100% of locally available resources: from quality farmers to the production of traditional age-old dairy products and recovery of sheep whey. Quality, nature and innovation: the ingredients used by ALIMENTA. Sheep milk and whey are collected from local manufacturers of typical DOP cheeses such as Pecorino Sardo and Pecorino Romano.

The production cycle ensures the highest standards of efficacy and safety. From traceability of the raw materials used to their processing by means of avant-garde technological systems. From the constant monitoring of incoming goods, production line and end products. Moreover, ALIMENTA actively takes part in biotechnology research and development projects and promotion of the traditional uses for sheep milk and whey, in conjunction with European universities and other scientific partners.

The company is part of Blue River Group, a Chinese firm leader in production of sheep and goat infant formulas with plants also in New Zeeland. Its plant is settled in Sardinia, Macomer, and produces through a spray drying process: Whole Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Sweet Whey Powder.

Contact person: Simone Colombo


Town: Konya – Turkey

Panagro Meat & Dairy Food Complex With a desire to evaluate the animal and herbal production of the farmers in Panagro region, Panagro Şeker has established the Integrated Meat-Milk Plant, which has the largest production capacity of the world in a single campus. The production of milk and dairy products started in the second half of 2013 while the production of meat and meat products started in the first month of 2014 in Panagro Integrated Meat-Milk Plant.

Panagro Integrated Meat-Milk Plant applies natural and healthy production techniques under hygienic conditions by using the cutting-edge technology. Panagro Integrated Meat-Milk Plant aims to play an important role in the development of animal husbandry in the region and country with its supply chain and it plans to increase the welfare of the producers with value-added production. The plant currently has 1.200 tons of raw milk capacity. However, it has a potential to process a total of 1.650 stock per day (450 cattle and 1200 sheep and goat) and 2.000 tons of raw milk when it reaches its full capacity by using its reserve areas in the future. Through its milk production and livestock breeding, the plant will support 50,000 farmers and their families from animal husbandry industry.

Contact person: Seniha Kervan


Town: El Cairo – Egypt

Food and Agro-Industries Technology Centre (FAITC) is a knowledge community non-profitable Governmental Centre affiliated to the "Industrial Council for Technology & Innovation" – "Ministry of Trade and Industry" - Egypt, established in 2001 under the name "Food Technology Centre" (FTC). It aims to utilize technical resources to improve, modernize, develop and upgrade Egyptian Agrofood Industries Sector and develop products by leading innovation and technological development, transferring technology, linking the industry with Academia and providing sustainable and integrated solutions to enhance value-addition, enhance productivity, improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce losses. FAITC is certified from "National Quality Institute" in the field of qualifying food processing factories to different quality systems; it provides technical consultancies and training services.

Contact person: Amgad El-kady


Town: Ariana – Tunisia

The Technical Agro-food Centre (CTAA) is a technical organism under the supervision of the Tunisian Ministry of Industry and trade, which works to develop, promote and strengthen the competitiveness of national food industries. The Centre is designed to provide technical support and assistance to agro-food professionals in the control and improvement of food products, the management of productive systems; moreover, it supports companies in their innovation efforts in accordance with national and international standards. The CTAA has an advanced analytical platform in food quality and control, as well as their conformity control. CTAA has expertise in research and development and innovation through industry-research partnership initiatives and its involvement.

Contact person: Sana Jaballah


Town: Izmir – Turkey

EGE UNIVERSITY is one of the oldest governmental universities in Turkey. It was founded 1955 in Izmir. The Department of Dairy Technology is a part of the Faculty for Agriculture. The general objectives of the Department are to train students at bachelor, master and doctorate degree. In addition, of course one of the main objectives of the department are research and technological development in the area of dairy technology. The main research fields are; researches on production processes of milk and dairy products, development of new dairy products, valorisation of dairy by products, determination of quality and shelf life of dairy products, researches on microbiology of milk and dairy products.

Contact person: Nayil Dinkci